Two foreign countries are on the travel list of the two times breakdancing world championsMore

DDC visits Canada once again, and travels to Italy News 28.09.2017

The upcoming Saturday, September 16th, Florian Silbereisen presents a live TV broadcast for the opening of Munich's world famous "Oktoberfest" - and of course DDC breakdancers perform their success...More

The DDC is opening the "Oktoberfest" in Munich live on TV on ARD’s Saturday evening show News 11.09.2017

On 27th December 2017 the DDC performs their full evening production "Breakin' Mozart" for the first time in the beautiful city of Dresden. The by now internationally celebrated theatre...More

DDC performs "Breakin' Mozart" in the new concert hall of the Kulturpalast in Dresden News 08.09.2017