Our workshops and talks are based on experience, expertise and charm.


The key focus is breakdancing with its four elements toprock, downrock, freezes & power moves. Youngsters are taught the basics in one or several workshops.

The history and backgrounds to the dance and culture are also addressed and the participants are taught respect, tolerance and to enjoy dance. Besides breakdancing workshops there is also the option of getting to know some hip-hop styles, other hip-hop culture dances are also addressed here. How long each workshop lasts varies from 45 minutes to up to 2 hours. Naturally it is also possible to complete several workshops one after the other, in a weekly cycle or parallel to each other. Age, gender or language do not play a part in any courses. The age limit starts at 7, too great an age range should be avoided within a course.


Stand-alone breakdancing courses in schools offer a completely new perspective on movement. Well over 2,000 enthusiastic school children of all ages have already been taught by DDC coaches.

The first basic breakdancing steps and movements and background knowledge about dance can be taught in just one double lesson. The focus is always on respect, tolerance and the motivation to try out something new yourself and of course have a lot of fun! The ideal length of time for a school workshop is a double lesson, however, one normal lesson may be enough. The workshops can already be offered from Year 1. As there are enough coaches the group sizes can be as large as you like.


There are basically two different topic areas during the talks: firstly, the hip-hop culture and its history, diversity and philosophy with a focus on breakdancing and b-boying.

Secondly, the focus is on DDC’s experiences as professional and independent dancers. Besides their variety of experiences to do with TV appearances and big shows, the question of setting up their own company and taking that step towards independence is also addressed. The talks are designed to be interactive and should allow for lively exchange between the speakers and the audience through questions and discussion. How long the talks last and how they are arranged depends on the customer’s personal requirements and can be individually agreed.


Experienced, professional and yet cool!
The friendly DDC coaches


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You are simply creative breakers

with the necessary soul.

Nikeata Thompson – Pro7 Got to Dance


Learn b-boying with DDC!

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DDC Talents

DDC promotes the most motivated young talented dancers

DDC’s assets are its dancers.

That is why consistently promoting young talent is a key issue for the long-term success of DDC. Close attention is always paid to which dancers stand out from the group due to their outstanding talent or extreme ambition during individual courses and workshops. These exceptionally committed young talented dancers are joined together to form the DDC Talents show group and supported and promoted accordingly by the DDC coaches.



Besides extra training sessions, the dancers are confronted with their first appearances and stage experiences here and beyond their physical performance are also trained in terms of their appearance and conduct.


Based on this principle, the DDC Ensemble has grown to more than 15 dancers. The leap from classic courses via DDC Talents into the ranks of DDC can create anyone who has the will.